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Zweirad Butzke
Berliner Str. 1A
16556 Borgsdorf

Phone: +49 3303-502414


”With no other invention business is so closely mixed with pleasure as with bicycle.”

– Adam Opel



Bike repair

In our workshop we repair all types of bikes. If you need any exotic pieces, we’ll get it for you or recommend an equal alternative.
We also assist you to get rid of damages after a road accident.


We are happy to give you guidance in a transparent and honest matter. It’s important to us, that you don’t get the most expensive solution, but the one, which fits best to you.
Transparency and an estimation of cost are taken for granted.


We sell bikes to accessible prices. Furthermore you can get all kinds of different bike supplies, such as helmets, light, tires, etc.

Electric bicycle

We repair your electric bicycle. Especially with drives from Impules 1 and 2, Bosch and Steps (Shimano)

We also offer a battey service for electric bicycles from BMZ, Bosch and Shimano. Other brands are posibble as well. Just ask us.


Get a bike. If you live, you will not regret it.

– Mark Twain


Further Services


Bicycle as desired

Configure your personal bicycle exactly as you need it. Click HERE and start configuring.


Lease your Bicycle

It takes only a few steps to lease your bicycle:

  1. The employee asks his boss, if he wants to participate in the program.
  2. The employee chooses his bicycle with assistance of the participating specialist dealer and informs his boss
  3. The specialist dealer uploads a leasing request through the portal and sends it to the lessor.
  4. The lessor makes a leasing contract and sends it to the boss in order for him to sign.
  5. As soon as all documents are available, the specialist dealer will be informed by the lessor. The employee can now get the bike.
  6.  The Lessor buys the bike from the specialist dealer and  pays the gross price.

For further information click HERE


Special Offers

Bike check only 19,90€.

Arrange your appointment now:

+493303-502414 or +493303-403236

Kalkhoff: Blackwood 21 derailleur gears

color: white

Recommended retail price: 439€. Special offer: 369€


Tips for bike tours

If you are planning a bike trip for a weekend or even a week, you should consider taking the following things with you:


  • 15mm ring wrench (if there are hub axle nuts)
  • 10mm jaw spanner and socket spanner
  • 8 mm jaw spanner and socket spanner
  • head screwdriver
  • tire lever 2 pieces
  • Puncture repair kit
  • Bicycle pump

Replacement material

  • Extra tube
  • Brake cable and -shoe
  • Replacement valve


  • Rainjacket
  • Glasses as insect protection
  • Bike Cap
  • Clothes to change


Kontaktieren Sie uns gerne!

Zweirad Butzke
Berliner Str. 1a
16556 Borgsdorf

Tel.: 03303 502414

E-Mail: berliner1a@googlemail.com

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